Global Renewables Alliance

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The Global Renewables Alliance ( GRA) represents the leading international industry players and provides a unified renewable energy voice on the global arena. 

Comprised of founding members the Global Wind Energy Council, the Global Solar Council, the International Hydropower Association, the International Geothermal Association, the Long Duration Energy Storage Council and the Green Hydrogen Organisation, the Alliance aims to increase ambition and spur action to accelerate the uptake of renewable energy across the world. 

Supported by hundreds of companies, governments, and NGOs globally, GRA spearheaded the ‘Double Down, Triple Up’ campaign leading up to COP28, with the goal of securing a global commitment to doubling energy efficiency and tripling renewable energy capacity by 2030. In December 2023, the global target was established, prompting the campaign’s transition into its second phase focused on implementing the global commitment: ‘Time 4 Action‘.

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