Wired for tomorrow

Unleashing the power of digitalisation in grids

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Eurelectric, in collaboration with Accenture, dived deep into this transformative journey, exploring the critical role of digitised Distribution System Operators (DSOs). The resulting study assesses DSOs’ digital maturity across the Build, Operate, Maintain, and Data-driven capabilities, after surveying over 31 DSOs serving 80M+ customers across 21 countries. Wired4Tomorrow charts a roadmap for how DSOs can leverage digital technologies to bolster grid capacity, efficiency, and resilience, paving the way for a sustainable energy future.

Read about the study’s key insights, which reveal:

  • Ecosystem-wide benefits of digitalising DSOs, making it an imperative for DSOs as it unlocks advantages for all stakeholders in the market
  • Regulatory clarity emerges as a powerful driver, with appropriate regulations advancing digitalisation and DSOs’ digital maturity
  • However, challenges persist, notably in integrating Operational Technology (OT) data into IT systems. A balanced strategy between building-out more grid digitally and using flexibility technologies is crucial, yet both capabilities currently underutilise digital technologies on average.
  • Addressing talent scarcity emerges as a top priority, necessitating specific skills and organisational change for successful digital transformation
  • Furthermore, the study scans existing technologies, showcasing the availability of ready-to-use tools, offering tangible support for DSOs in their digital journey

In addition to the joint report, Eurelectric also produced a call for action to policymakers.

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