21 May - 19h00

Welcome Cocktail hosted by PPC




Welcome & Opening


INTERVIEW – Scott L. Strazik, Global CEO, GE VERNOVA


PLENARY SESSION – Grids4Speed flagship study launch

The plenary will take the form of a keynote/presentation of Eurelectric flagship study “Grids for Speed” followed by a panel debate, commenting the key figures and conclusions.
“Grids for Speed” is a thought leadership study on distribution grids intended to develop a strong narrative on the need to prioritise the infrastructure challenges to comply with EU climate & energy targets. The benefits of the energy transition across all sectors of economic activities, and for the daily life of consumers, can only be harnessed by scaling up electricity infrastructure at a much-accelerated speed.


Coffee Break & Energy shot



Electricity Markets

The panel will delve into the intricacies and challenges associated with the implementation of the newly revised EU electricity market design. The discussion will specifically address outstanding issues post-revision and explore how the structure, dynamics, and features of the next generation of European power markets can facilitate a more consumer-centric approach and expedite the deployment of low-carbon and renewable energy, aligning with the objectives outlined in the European Green Deal.


Security of Supply

With the ongoing electrification of the European economy and the move to a decarbonised power system by 2050, the needs for a secure system are rapidly evolving. Join us for a discussion on how to address the challenges that will define the security of supply of the future: optimising the use of centralised generation, increasing the use of flexibility to support a renewables-dominant power system, and tackling regional differences across Europe.


EU 2040

What will Europe look like in 2040? The actions we take today will dictate the fate of our economies sixteen years from now. Chances for a bright future exist: Europe can massively decarbonise through an accelerated electrification of transport, buildings and industries. This is thanks to an unwavering decarbonisation trajectory of the power sector. By 2040, the renewable generation capacity will have to increase fivefold whereas the total electricity generation capacity will have to triple. What are the key steps in delivering on this ambition?


Lunch & Press conference


KEYNOTE – Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl


PLENARY SESSION – Digitalisation

The plenary will mark the launch of a large report on the digitalisation of the grids, realised together with our knowledge partner Accenture. The report will provide a current stock take of DSO digitalisation and will additionally provide a roadmap on the steps needed to fully digitalise the sector. The conclusions will stipulate what concrete policy measures are needed to further enable digitalisation notably to achieve high level EU policy targets (e.g. make the consumers more active, integration of a large share of Renewable in the energy mix etc.).
This plenary will provide an opportunity to showcase use cases, to discuss how DSO digitalisation is a transformative and long-term process and to discuss the heterogenous landscape of DSOs and their different circumstances. Lastly and importantly, the plenary will highlight what the next EU mandate should focus on in terms of digitalisation.


INNOVATION SESSION – Exhibition area

Innovation comes in multiple shapes and forms. From breakthrough technologies to state-of-the-art business models, multiple avenues of action emerge to advance the Green Deal Industrial Plan’s ambition of making the EU industry a front runner of the transition to net zero. This unique session will feature a selection of innovative energy projects that include different technologies related to electrification and decarbonisation.


Dinner with opening from Georgios Stassis, CEO of PPC and Vice-President of Eurelectric


Electric Talk: Michael Liebreich & Arshad Mansoor


Coffee Break & Energy shot



Power Plant II – How to do the energy transition big and fast enough in harmony with nature?

As we strive to triple our renewable energy capacity in the next six years in Europe, challenges stemming from land-use and environmental issues loom large.  Along with evolving policies, there is a notable shift towards metric-based biodiversity enhancement practices through renewables and infrastructure development.

In this session, WSP will unveil the results of a study (commissioned by Eurelectric): a toolbox to help industry understand their impact and set robust actions to accelerate a renewables and grids build out that protects the environment. Following this, panellists will discuss key enabling factors like: the complexity of these projects, the need for demand creation, the role of technology or the lack of internationally-recognised measurement framework.


International Cooperation (Geopolitical Discussion)

One cannot solve the energy and climate challenge on their own. International cooperation is paramount in fostering the unified effort needed to tackle the most pressing global issues. Yet, a worrying return of protectionism in national policies is emerging after active wars have altered the global peace and supply manipulations have exposed the blind spots of overdependence. How to foster healthy competition in the international arena and to strike the balance between independence and interdependence?


Corporate Energy Sourcing

The session will take a closer look at high-impact corporate electricity sourcing strategies, specifically how energy buyers can take the next step by moving towards hourly and location-based carbon-free energy matching. The strategy, also known as 24/7 CFE, among other benefits has proven hedging benefits and accelerates the full decarbonisation of the electricity grid.


EXECUTIVE DIALOGUE – Lighting the way to 2030

Just weeks ahead of EU-wide elections that will set the course of the EU for the next five years, this session intends to bring the most influential minds of Europe’s power sector together to discuss what comes next. Industrial competitiveness, implementation of the Green Deal objectives while addressing the so-called energy trilemma of affordable, secure and decarbonised energy will be centre stage in the coming years. The points made during this session should then resonate in the minds of incoming policymakers for the rest of the decade and guide them to bring the electric decade across the finish line.






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