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Founded in 1954 (one of Brussels’ oldest trade associations) Euroheat & Power (EHP) is the European association promoting sustainable district heating and cooling in Europe and beyond. With 140+ members spread across 30 countries, Euroheat & Power brings together a diverse community of stakeholders from national associations, companies, start-ups, consultancies and universities.


We support our members in:

  • Promoting the critical role of district heating and cooling networks, to fully decarbonise heating and cooling in Europe before 2050
  • Working with European policymakers to accelerate the deployment of sustainable district heating and cooling solutions
  • Making the right business contacts and creating a thriving business environment for district heating and cooling
  • Heating and cooling accounts for half of the EU energy demand and more than 40% of our CO2 emissions. Accelerating the transition of the sector is therefore essential to achieving our climate goals and energy independence.


District heating and cooling (DHC) is a powerful tool to replace fossil-based heating with renewable and recovered heat sources. By 2050, 100% of efficient district heating and cooling systems will be climate-neutral! According to existing projections, district heating and cooling could meet between 30 to 50% of Europe’s heat demand by 2050.

Our mission is to accompany our members on this exciting journey, putting the continent on track to achieve climate neutrality well before 2050! Our story is one of collaboration, innovation, and sustainable progress!

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