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Eurocities is the leading network of more than 200 major European cities, working together to improve the quality of urban life. We strive for a Europe where cities are genuine partners with the EU to create a better future. We put citizens at the heart of developments towards an inclusive, prosperous and healthy cities with future-fit local governments. Eurocities operates as a dynamic platform, fostering collaboration among city leaders and urban experts. Positioned as the governance closest to the people, we serve as an indispensable bridge, connecting European citizens with their local administrations.

Beyond our overarching mission, Eurocities actively contributes to advancing cities towards sustainable mobility through various EU-funded projects. The USER-CHI project is a prime example, strategically designed to boost electromobility across Europe. This initiative focuses on pioneering user-centric charging solutions, tested in seven European cities. Through these initiatives, Eurocities plays a pivotal role in championing innovation and sustainability, contributing significantly to the evolution of urban mobility.  

Exhibitor contact details

Marion Pignel

Project Coordinator Mobility