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The E.ON Group is one of Europe’s largest operators of energy networks and energy infrastructure and a provider of innovative customer solutions for approx. 47 million customers. E.ON are decisively driving the energy transition forward in Europe and are committed to sustainability, climate protection, and the future of our planet.

E.ON’s core business comprises two major pillars: energy networks and customer solutions.

E.ON’s distribution networks are the backbone of the new energy world. Without distribution networks there can be no energy transition and no climate protection. The expansion, modernization and operation of distribution networks underpins security of supply and ensures that green electricity is used as efficiently as possible. This makes our networks the foundation of liveable cities, communities, and regions.

Intelligent distribution networks pave the way for completely new possibilities for customers in their use of energy: they turn pure consumers into flexumers, i.e., flexible users of energy. Strong networks secure economic progress and jobs and promote social development.

E.ON’s customer solutions help customers realise their personal energy needs and wishes in terms of decarbonization. These include both energy distribution with green electricity and green gas tariffs and our customer solutions business with its innovative, sustainable, and digitalized products and services.

With solar installations, E-Mobility, energy storage, sensible energy control and solutions for sector coupling, E.ON customers reduce their costs and emissions on the one hand – and increase comfort and quality of life on the other. This applies for private customers, small businesses, large companies and municipalities.

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